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Scion tC Update
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Moose Wrestles FUPALA to 5th in Lee Fields Memorial
Fupala with special pink Lee Fields Memorial hood. Lee was a big fan of pink; he even drove a Pink Panther racecar.
10.14.09- Moose Wrestles FUPALA to 5th in Lee Fields Memorial

      Mobile International Speedway - The 2009 season at Mobile International Speedway has been a rough road for the Moose and his Max Force Race team. The last 2 races at MIS have both sent his G-force machine back to the chassis builder to be repaired. The bad luck continued in the week leading up to the season ending Lee Fields Memorial 100. A Tuesday practice session with basically a new car was cut short with a blown motor and the team scrambling for a replacement. Unable to find a Ford, the team fell back on it's old worn out Chevy. An Impala power plant inside a Fusion body created a Fupala. In less than 48 hours the team converted back to the Chevy power plant and was back at the track to test. The test on Thursday did not go well and our Fupala ran more like Fupoopoo. The team was slated for another practice session at MIS but after the test on Thursday night our driver took sick with the stomach flu bug. While the Moose was loosing liquids the team was installing an untested never used set up, our version of a “Hail Mary” for a severely underpowered car. The team would have a 1-hour practice session on Saturday to dial in their Fupala before qualify for the season finale.

Off the trailer the changes had the Moose headed in the right direction and 4th on the speed chart. For qualifying the team kept going in the direction they had been during practice and went a little too far with the Moose hanging on to a very loose race car for a 9th place starting spot. Very few races run according to plan but the front end of the 2009 Lee Fields Memorial went our way and the team was able to make changes to our Fupala. As the laps wound down the Moose was closing in on 3rd and 4th but needed a caution to gain track position. After the week we've had leading up to the Lee Fields Memorial, a top 5 seemed like a win. The Moose entered the final night of racing at MIS outside of the top 5 in points and we'll see if the top 5 run is enough to get him in the top 5 in the Midwest Cooling Tower Championship points standings when the final points standings are posted.

Thomas: "What a week, we blew our good motor on Tuesday and there was a point on Tuesday night and Wednesday when we weren't sure if we were going to be able to get back together for Saturday. By Thursday night we had our old motor in and were back at the track. I got sick after testing on Thursday night and we had to cancel a Friday night test we really needed. I was beginning to think it just wasn't meant for us to race. I didn't get out of bed until it was time to go to the track on Saturday and all of our team did a heck of a job getting our Fupala ready to go. Even though we were down on power we had a really good car. I appreciate Mr. Rick (Crawford) helping me out with my driving. It was a great end to a rough week and a rough season."