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Can you recertify my harness set?

There is no process in which a manufacturer “recertifies” a belt. G-FORCE Racing Gear does offer a rewebbing process for a fee. This process entails a complete inspection and replacement of all webbing as well as replacement or worn components. G-FORCE Racing Gear can only reweb G-FORCE Racing Gear harnesses. Per the SFI Foundation rules, only the original manufacturerhas the authority to perform work or to reweb harness systems. The details of this program can be found here.

Can I buy the belt pieces individually?

In order to keep G-FORCE Racing Gear costs as low as possible, harness sets are sold in complete kits only.

What size(s) do I need?

A complete sizing chart can be found here. These measurements can only get you close to what you may need. The best way to ensure proper product fit is by trial. There is no way for any retailer to know what sizes you may need.

How do I install my belts?

Belt installation is a varied as the answers to how to setup a racecar. There is no step by step instruction manual for your car. A general instruction form comes with every set of G-FORCE Racing Gear harnesses and can be found online here. (Note: Link is for a pdf file)

As for options for mounting, all G-FORCE Racing Gear belts come with slip on, bolt in hardware. To use as a wrap around, simply de-thread the hardware, wrap the webbing around mounting bar and re-thread. To use as a snap inapplication, optional snap in hardware can be purchased and used in place of the hardware included.

What size helmet do I need?

The best advice for a customer is to try on a helmet for fit. A measurement chart for helmet sizing can be found here. This chart can only get a user close to the size they may need. As a user, you want the helmet to fit as tightly as possible without causing discomfort. Keep in mind, a helmet will break in with use.

How can I add patches or embroidery to my suit?

Patchwork can be added using cotton threads as long at the integrity of the suit is not compromised. Testing has proven that the small amount of cotton thread will burn off and fall away relatively quickly in a flash fire. Embroidery should be completed during construction but applying embroidery to an off the shelf suit is commonplace to the racing market. To preserve the performance of the suit you should only apply small sections of embroidery and use Nomex® thread when possible. If using cotton thread, the embroidery must be tightly sewn in order to remain intact in the event of a fire.

How would I clean my products?

When in doubt, mild soap and water will work with most any product. As for racing suits, wash in cold water and hang to dry. Some manufacturers recommend dry cleaning but to be sure of the chemicals used, you should wash at home. With helmets, a damp cloth and mild soap used to blot the inside of the liner will help remove any built up residue. Belts are susceptible to sunlight and water will speed up the aging process. Be sure to remove or cover belts when washing the inside of a racing vehicle.

Where is the closest dealer to me?

The G-FORCE Racing Gear dealer network is wide and we do not know all the speed shops that may have access to our products. Be sure to call your local shop and ask about G-FORCE Racing Gear. A list of known product dealers can be found here.

Questions about an order from a dealer?

G-FORCE Racing Gear sells through retailers world wide. For questions about your order, you must call the location which you ordered through. Even if G-FORCE Racing Gear ships direct from the manufacturer, we do not have specific information about your order.

What shield does my helmet need?

The biggest determining factor for shield application is the rating if you have a G-FORCE Racing Gear helmet with a Snell rating of M95 or SA95, there are no longer shields produced as the helmets have been out of production since 1999. For helmets with Snell ratings of M00 and SA00 there are 2 possible options.

If the shield is held in place with a black plastic plate over the shield mount, you should use shields 8401(Clear, Out of G-FORCE stock but dealers may still have), 8402(Smoke), 8403 (Mirror), or 8405 (Blue).

If you remove the shield by lifting and pulling levers to release the shield, you should use shields 8501(Clear, Out of G-FORCE stock but dealers may still have), 8502(Smoke), 8504 (Amber) or 8505 (Blue).

For helmets with a Snell Rating of M05 or SA05 you will use the 8600 series shields, 8601 (Clear), 8602 (Dark Smoke), 8603 (Mirror), 8604 (Amber), 8605 (Blue) or 8606 (Light Smoke).

What type of helmet tearoffs does my helmet need?

G-FORCE Racing Gear does not manufacture helmet tearoffs. Most tearoff manufacturers call for Banana style commonly reffered to as 1202’s.

Does G-FORCE sell raw material?

G-FORCE Racing Gear is not in the material business. We will gladly help you with the products, but selling raw goods is not what we do.

How do you paint a helmet?

G-FORCE Racing Gear helmets are produced with a flame retardant finish and are tested for such. If painting a helmet please do not remove the finish that comes on the shell. If you lightly buff the surface and paint over you should be fine. G-FORCE Racing Gear also sells a paint kit that comes with most pieces you will need to remove to paint a helmet which is item #8517.

How long are my harnesses good for?

G-FORCE Racing Gear recommends replacing harnesses every 3-4 years depending on the element which they were exposed to. This however, may not match what your rulebook may say. Always check with your sanctioning body or rulebook before using a harness system.

Are your products good for my series?

While we wish we knew all the rules for every series we do not. Check with your sanctioning body or rulebook for specifications about safety products.

Are my belt tabs backward?

They are not. As with 90% of the manufactures belts on the market, your Latch & Link belt system is not sewn backward. This question comes to G-FORCE Racing Gear often when people see that the metal tabs on the shoulder belt curve in toward the body at the latch point. These systems have been designed that way in order to keep the belts from digging into the body at the latch point.

Warranty / Returns?

G-FORCE Racing Gear states that with the use of racing products, there is not implied warranty simply due to the nature of usage. If you do have a product that you feel needs attention, please call the retailer that sold you the product to inquire about their returns policies. G-FORCE Racing Gear cannot offer refunds on merchandise sold through dealers as we did not sell you the items. If you cannot achieve the desired resolution to your problem, feel free to call G-FORCE Racing Gear at 770-998-8855 to obtain an RMA Number to allow you to ship the item to us for evaluation. Proof of purchase showing date of purchase from an authorized product dealer must be provided for any work to be performed on an item. All packages without prior authorization and RMA number will be refused and shipped back to you. If the item was purchased more than 30 days prior to reporting the problem may be subject to repair charges or may not be able to be repaired. Items purchased from any non-authorized dealers cannot be repaired or evaluated in any way.

G-FORCE Racing Gear® produces only the items listed for sale on G-FORCE Racing Gear® is not affiliated in any way with transmission parts, suspension components, performance chips, computer graphics or movies about animated hamsters. For questions about racing safety gear, please call 770-998-8855 Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.