Andre Laurin’s Team OTSFF/MOTUL is ready to take on one of the world’s largest and most challenging off-road races this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. After months of prepping the purpose-built 6100 Spec Trophy class truck, Laurin and his team, which includes navigator Kerry King and constructor/team manager Adam Fitza, are anxiously anticipating the start of the “Great American Off-Road Race” on Saturday 03/10/1028.
“I am very happy with the new 6100 truck. I had the pleasure to drive and test it in Barstow and it performed flawlessly! I am excited to see how we stack up against the other forty competitors in the Spec Trophy class this weekend. All the long nights and hours building this truck the past few months have paid off,” Fitza said. (For more information, please see the link.)
OTSFF MOTUL PR — The Mint 400

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