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I have old belts that are out of date. Can I send them back for recertification?

We are sorry but G-FORCE Racing Gear does not recertify safety harnesses anymore. Several factors went into this decision, but the predominant reason is purely financial. By the time you ship a set of harnesses to us, and we change out all the web material and sew new date tags on the belts, it adds up to more than the cost of a new set. This fact, and the added assurance of having a new set of belts without any exposure to UV light, fuels, or dirt should make the decision to go this route that much more agreeable. 

How do I install my belts? How long are they good for?

Belt installation is as varied as the answers to how to setup a racecar. There is no step by step instruction manual for your car. A general instruction form comes with every set of G-FORCE Racing Gear harnesses and can be found online here. (Note: Link is for a pdf file)

As for options for mounting, all G-FORCE belts come with slip on, bolt in hardware. To use as a wrap around, simply de-thread the hardware, wrap the webbing around mounting bar and re-thread. To use as a snap in application, optional snap in hardware can be purchased and used in place of the hardware included.

We recommend replacing harnesses every 3-4 years depending on the element which they were exposed to. This however, may not match what your rulebook may say. Always check with your sanctioning body or rulebook before using a harness system.

SFI vs FIA Harnesses. What is the difference?

In all honesty, not much after you factor in the date. Most sanctioning bodies who accept one or the other (or both) will allow the SFI harness to be used for 2 years and an FIA harness to be used for 5 years. It’s also important to be advised that the month and year on the belts are their expiration date. And in most cases, the belt will be ok for competition use to the end of that year’s season. i.e. a belt with a June 2025 date can be used up until December 31st of said year.  

Where can I find the Snell sticker in my new helmet?

At the right temple, pull back the interior fabric and you will notice the sticker affixed to the compression foam liner.

How long will my helmet be good for competition use?

Ultimately the Snell foundation recommends no more than five years of normal use, see for more info. Also, the validity of your helmet is determined by the rules of the sanctioning body that you run under. Check with them also, but typically the rules will state that the latest Snell rating is recommended, with the previous rating being allowed. For example, as of this writing most sanctioning bodies require a minimum 2015 rating with a 2020 being recommended.  

A larger factor to also be aware of is that any incident resulting in the direct impact of one’s head with any part of the vehicle (or external debris contacting your helmet) should deem the helmet unsafe. Discontinue wearing it immediately. We strongly recommend replacing the helmet at this point regardless of the Snell date or how new the unit may be. Any compromise of the helmet’s inner foam liner from one incident could result in serious injury or death if impacted a second time. 

What shield or tear off does my helmet need?

The biggest determining factor for shield application is the rating if you have a G-FORCE Racing Gear helmet with a Snell rating of M95 or SA95, there are no longer shields produced as the helmets have been out of production since 1999. For helmets with Snell ratings of M00 and SA00 there are 2 possible options.

If the shield is held in place with a black plastic plate over the shield mount, you should use shields 8401(Clear, Out of G-FORCE stock but dealers may still have), 8402(Smoke), 8403 (Mirror), or 8405 (Blue).

If you remove the shield by lifting and pulling levers to release the shield, you should use shields 8501(Clear, Out of G-FORCE stock but dealers may still have), 8502(Smoke), 8504 (Amber) or 8505 (Blue).

For helmets with a Snell Rating of M05 or SA05 you will use the 8600 series shields, 8601 (Clear), 8602 (Dark Smoke), 8603 (Mirror), 8604 (Amber), 8605 (Blue) or 8606 (Light Smoke).

G-FORCE Racing Gear do not manufacture tear-offs. Click here to view a file outlining the part numbers to tear-offs of two popular suppliers and what G-FORCE Racing Gear helmet they fit. You will then have to purchase them from an authorized dealer of their products.

What size do I need?

Regarding helmets, the best advice for a customer is to try one on for proper fit. A measurement chart for helmets can be found here. As a user, you want the helmet to fit as tightly as possible without causing discomfort. Keep in mind, a helmet will break in with use.

Also, a complete suit sizing chart can be found here. These measurements can only get you close to what you may need. The best way to ensure proper product fit is by trial. There is no way for any retailer to know what sizes you may need.

How would I clean my products?

When in doubt, mild soap and water will work with most any product. As for racing suits, wash in cold water and hang to dry. Some manufacturers recommend dry cleaning but to be sure of the chemicals used, you should wash at home. With helmets, a damp cloth and mild soap used to blot the inside of the liner will help remove any built up residue. Belts are susceptible to sunlight and water will speed up the aging process. Be sure to remove or cover belts when washing the inside of a racing vehicle.


G-FORCE Racing Gear is sold through dozens of retailers worldwide. For questions about your order, you must first contact the location which you ordered through. Even if G-FORCE ships on behalf of the dealer, we do not have specific information about your order to assist you so please contact them. If your items were purchased directly from us, click here for more information.

Our G-FORCE Racing Gear warranty states that with the use of racing products, there is no implied warranty simply due to the nature of usage. If you do have a product that you feel needs attention, please call the retailer that sold you the product to inquire about their return policy. Or, if your items were purchased directly through our website at, click here for more information.

I have a headlight that does not work (or any headlamp related question) Can you help me?

You need to contact Amazon about matters related to these issues. We do not manufacture or sell headlights. This is another company that uses a form of the G-Force name and is not in any way related to G-FORCE Racing Gear. Also, if you are a customer of one of these companies listed below, please do not call us. Contact them directly at:

· Gear for mountain bike riding ( 401-250-5555

· Bicycles ( 909-330-6521

· Transmissions, gearboxes, shifters ( 717-202-8367

· Shoes ( 844-861-8688

· Guns, sights, etc. ( 775-788-1765

Can I get a catalog of your products mailed to me?

We are sorry but we no longer offer a catalog. With declining interest over the years in print media G-FORCE Racing Gear decided to discontinue this one-time traditional way of advertising in favor of displaying our full inventory on our website.

I am a business owner who would like to become a dealer. How do I do this?

Contact one of our Wholesale Account Executives at 770-741-0431 or email us at for more information.

What are your business hours? And do you have a showroom where I can pick up my order?

Our business hours are 8am to 5pm EST. (phone only).

As for picking up orders, we are a warehouse only and do not have a retail storefront. If you’d like to try on equipment or pick up your order in person, we suggest visiting our friends at RaceDay Safety in Dallas, GA.

I am an international customer who cannot enter my address for shipping. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we are only able to ship to addresses within the Continental US. We urge you to reach out to one of our authorized dealers here who can assist you further, or email us at