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G-Force SFI 3x2 L&L Harness - Saferacer

6600 L&L 5-Point 3/2" PD Harness

Part Number: 6600BK

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G-FORCE Racing Gear Pro Series Latch and Link belts are the budget minded racer’s choice in driver restraint systems. Built with proprietary PolyTek low-stretch webbing for elongation control, this 5-point harness with 3/2 shoulder and 3" Pull-Down lap belt meets a new standard of test records that rival anything in the industry. Duckbill latch makes for engaging and releasing belts simple and easy. This set is sold with midnight black mounting hardware to bolt-in all mounting locations. Hardware can be removed if using roll bar wrap-around application. SFI 16.1 certified.