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7601 Cam-Lock 6-Point 3/2" PD Harness

7601 Cam-Lock 6-Point 3/2" PD Harness

Part Number: 7601BK

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G-FORCE Racing Gear Pro Series Cam-Lock belts are built with proprietary PolyTek low-stretch webbing for elongation control which make this 6-point harness with 3/2" shoulder and 3" (pull-down) lap belt meet a new standard of test records that rival anything in the industry today. The Cam-Lock buckle has funnel style receivers to make engaging the belts a snap, they are made from ultra-light magnesium, and release with a ¼ turn, and are more comfortable due to each belt being able to rotate 40 degrees up and down and 10 degrees in and out to conform to the driver’s body. All G-FORCE Harness sets are sold with mounting hardware to bolt-in all mounting points. This hardware can be removed if using in a roll bar, wrap around configuration. SFI 16.5 certified.