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G-Limit Shoes
G-Limit Shoes
G-Limit Shoes

G-Limit Shoes

Part Number: 44000050BK

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The new G-Limit Racing Shoe is a showcase of some of the advances that G-FORCE Racing Gear has made to our entire G-Limit Series of products. These shoes incorporate several notable features that enhance performance, comfort, and safety for racing enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of the G-Limit Shoe is the use of next-generation printed accents. Unlike traditional embroidered logos, these printed materials are lightweight, vibrant, and easy to clean.

The design of the shoe includes a slim and sleek toe box, which aims to provide comfort and flexibility while eliminating pinching points. This design feature allows for a more natural flexing motion of the foot, enhancing overall comfort and performance out on the track.

The mid-raise, U-Cut ankle design of the G-Limit Racing Shoe is complemented by an all-new padding system that provides both strength and lightweight properties to the shoe. This padding is specifically engineered to offer enhanced flexibility without compromising durability.

In terms of safety, the G-Limit Shoes feature a fire-retardant cotton liner that not only helps to keep your feet cool during intense racing situations but also provides exceptional protection against fire hazards.

Available in black, blue and red suede leather. SFI 3.3/5 certified.