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G-Force Rift Helmet - Saferacer
G-Force Rift Helmet - Saferacer
G-Force Rift Helmet - Saferacer

Rift SA2020 Helmet

Part Number: 13010XSMBK

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  • Upgraded lightweight fiberglass shell
  • Total weight just over 3.5lbs
  • Certification: SA2020
  • Upgraded comfort liner with TrackPAT vision enhancing print and removable/replaceable cheek pads
  • Dual-Density EPS liner engineered for maximum performance
  • 3mm thick molded Polycarbonate Shield
  • Precisely molded synthetic rubber shield seal keeps dirt and debris from being a distraction
  • High quality materials allow the chin strap to be thinner for a more comfortable and secure fit
  • Newly designed M6 threaded Head and Neck Restraint anchor
  • Sizes: XSM – XXL (53-64cm)
  • Colors: Black, Matte Black, White


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